What People Are Saying

Under the Social Influence provides valuable insight for both the Millennial generation who are struggling to make their mark on the world and business owners who are trying to understand and motivate them. Chuck’s book also contains lots of great tips about using social media in the workplace that could make or break a career.Jay Myers, CEO, Interactive Solutions, Inc
The most important role a book can play in our lives is to provide a collection of thoughts and stories that improve our worldview. Chuck has done this in spades on the topic of social technologies and how the younger generation will be impacted by them. His ideas on the best practices for using these new tools in real life are solid and useful. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand better how their young employees, customers, or family members will operate going forward in the future, and what that will mean to your business – and personal life. Scott Klososky, author and professional speaker
What a good read! Chuck’s book provides valuable ‘life lessons’ to all who aspire to start a career, as well as to those of us who have been fortunate enough to become successful. Workforce development through teaching skills and mentoring to imprint values and work ethic is critical to the future success of any business, while understanding the ‘rules of work’ is critical to an individual’s workplace success. In addition, Chuck artfully points out how finding and practicing balance in our lives outside work is critical to our happiness. This book offers a step-by-step guide, and the questions at the end of each chapter are spot-on for self evaluation.Kerry Moyer, Chairman, Electronic Systems Professional Alliance (ESPA)
For over three decades I have always had a new business book at my side. It’s part of my informal personal improvement process, the result of my Catholic boarding school discipline and the sports programs I experienced for twelve years. Most of what I read goes in the trash can or is erased from my Kindle. The good books are passed to friends and business associates. The really valuable books, with life messages, are passed on to my children. This is my acid test, and I will make sure my girls read Chuck’s book cover to cover. Chuck Wilson’s book is not always politically correct, but it is honest and built on life experiences that can truly help an open young mind.Bill Bozeman, President & CEO, PSA Security Network
Chuck clearly describes all the foolish things we’ve done and how we set ourselves up to do them. All smart, aspiring, young people, as well as myself, can use Chuck’s thirty years of real-time research to help perpetuate our industry. In his book, Chuck says, ‘One day you will learn that the greatest obstacle to your success will be your own fear… primarily the fear of taking a chance and failing.’ No statement could be more true, and we can all learn so much from reading this book. I will use it as an instruction manual and for online training. I’m so proud to support our industry, its members, and organizations like the NSCA Education Foundation.Loyd Ivey, CEO, Mitek Corporation
Plain speaking and common sense are alive and well in this book. I found myself nodding my head ‘yes’ time after time as Chuck explained some complex issues in basic and easy-to-understand terms and provided simple, no-nonsense solutions and ideas that anyone can implement if they choose to heed his advice. For any person who is looking to be employed, who is currently employed, or even an employer, this book is a must-read, and I can see how readily it could be implemented as an additional HR resource in any company as a new employee primer or reference book in support of the standard company employment manual. I found that in chapter after chapter I was able to get at least one good idea or thought from Chuck’s descriptions. In this day and age of politically correct literature, I found Chuck’s book to be rewarding and refreshing in its honest and common-sense approach to issues within the workplace and in life generally.Andrew Musci, President/CEO, Altel Systems, Inc
If the US economy is going to continue to remain the most productive in the world, we’re going to have to learn how to bridge the needs and motivations of multiple generations like never before in our history. That’s a pretty monumental task! But after reading this book, I see a pathway to success, whether you’re a giant multinational company or a small entrepreneur trying to make a mark.Todd Thibodeaux, President & CEO, CompTIA